ACF Tournament Announcement 2018

We are Glad to Invite you to Participate in our annual tournaments, the teams showed an enormous interest in introducing hard ball tournament in our previous events, therefore we have decided to organise a hard ball tournament along with tape ball tournament this year.

Tape Ball Tournament:

The tape tournament will take place on Saturday the 23rd of June from 9am to 8pm at Regents Park. There will be 8 teams competing in this competition. The group stage matches and semi-finals will be played on the 23rd of June and the final of tape ball tournament will be played on the 30th of June at the same venue.

It will be a 3 rounds competition between 8 teams, in round one (group stage), the teams have been divided into two groups (Group A and GroupB ) each group will have 4 teams, each team will play all the other teams in the group once (each team will get to play 3 games in the group stage). Two teams with most number of wins/points will qualify from each group to the semi-finals. All the group stage matches will be 10 overs (per innings) The semi-finals will be 10-15 overs depending on the time available on the day. The winners from semi-finals will go through to the final and battle for the trophy.

Game Format

– Each team will consist of 9 players (extra players are recommended, since this is a tournament and one team can be playing as many as 3-5 times on the day).
– All games in the group stage will last 10 overs per innings
– Only one bowler can bowl 3 overs, all other bowlers can bowl a maximum of 2 over (group stage).

Hard Ball Tournament:

The hard ball tournament is scheduled to take place at Regents Park on Saturday the 30th of June (9am – 8pm). Registration is open to 4 teams only, It will be a knockout tournament, the team that loses a match will be eliminated from the competition, the winners will go to the next round.